FitBloggin Giveaway!!

You may have heard that we got some serious swag at FitBloggin this weekend.

Seriously, the sponsors – and Roni, who organized the conference – were SO generous this year, with their time, energy and freebies.

iBeaniAttune FoodsChoose Cherries WPRawl

ZUMBA Fitness New Balanceegglands best

larabar Dr. Praeger's

The Laughing Cow Jump Sport

Our swag included:

  • Click espresso protein powderscan’t wait to try these as a shake or in my cereal!!
  • Dried cherries  – learned they have a lot of  benefits for workout recovery! I have been eating these already and love ’em!
  • New balance – we each got our own pair of walking or running shoes!
  • COUPONS GALORRRRRE for freebies!!
  • Zumba and other workout dvds!
  • Foodie samples of Eggland’s Best, potatoes, oats,  dr. Praegers, Popchips, etc, during the conference
  • Larabars
  • Bags and bags (and coupons) of Popchips!
  • Headphones,
  • etc!!!
Photo courtesy of Courtney!  

Saturday night, I sat with a literal wall of giveaway items. Even after giving a few things away, and having to leave a few behind in Baltimore, my suitcase was packed full – first time in a while I had to check on! I ended up using my suitcase for my stuff and used one of the free duffel totes we got for my clothes – tightly rolled up, which I carried on!

So what does that mean??!

It means GIVEAWAY TIME!! 😀 

I will be putting together a package full of coupons, headphones, a dvd, popchips, bars, some fitness/sports equipment and other stuff from the conference! I want to spread the Fitbloggin’ love and share my wealth freebies with a reader!

There are two ways to enter:
  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me the thing you would most like to get free from the picture and the best giveaway you’ve received
  2. Link this post to your blog
*Separate comment for each, please!! 🙂
In other news... we got these PokeIns’ at the conference, which you would use to get other bloggers info, by taping the magnetic ‘hands’ together… they are pretty much incredible and it has been going back through online and ‘finding’ my friends from last weekend. PokeIns may be the next business cards of America. Just sayin’.
Photo courtesy of Tina!
I will announce the winner Monday night!! Happy Friday night, loves!
❤ J

21 responses to “FitBloggin Giveaway!!

  1. Definitely the Jillian book! I’ve never received any giveaways 😦

  2. Those PokeIns look AWESOME!

    It’s so hard to chose from all that swag, but I’d love any workout DVDs! Living as a poor college student means that when I’m at school I have to rely on home work outs instead of my beloved classes at the YMCA. A DVD would sure come in handy!

    I’ve never won a giveaway before, but this is only the second I’ve ever entered! Hopefully I’ll have beginners luck!

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  4. Anything! what a great give away!

  5. wow, looks awesome! i would most like to win the dvd, i think!

    best giveaway i have won: a kitchenaid mixer! how lucky is that!! 🙂


  6. Id definitley love some larabars! I hope i win! 🙂

  7. I’d love to win those New Balance shoes. I walk a lot( can’t run or do lot of hard exercise due to back problems) to try to keep weight off and the old bod in shape. The other things are all great!

  8. I would like to win the workout DVDs. Its always great to save money and time working out at home!
    I’ve never won a giveaway before.

  9. I would say Popchips bc I have never had them and I have heard of there wonders, and also the zumba dvd, I have also never done it but really want to try it and in the comfort of my home would be perfect, thx so much for the give-aways!!!!

  10. Cool giveaway and nice swag! I think one of the workout dvds would be great! I won an iherb giveaway a while back which was nice!

  11. Honestly anything! Ive never won anything. A workout dvd, coupons, click protein powder… id be greatful for anything!

  12. the cereal!!!:-)

  13. the jillian book!!!!! oh and my fav giveaway i won was from amazing grass!!!

  14. I would love to get my hands on the new Jillian Michaels book!….and of course all the other swag that comes with it! lol

  15. I would love the sneaks!! Mine have holes in them, but I’m not a runner, so it doesn’t realllyyy matter, right?! 😉 They are so old.

    How sweet are you to share some of your swag?!

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  17. I would love the Jillian book! So nice of you. 😀

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  19. PokeIn!? I dont get it!! sounds awesome tho!! I’ll hafta see it in person someday!!! Still can’t believe all the swag you got! super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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