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FitBloggin Giveaway!!

You may have heard that we got some serious swag at FitBloggin this weekend.

Seriously, the sponsors – and Roni, who organized the conference – were SO generous this year, with their time, energy and freebies.

iBeaniAttune FoodsChoose Cherries WPRawl

ZUMBA Fitness New Balanceegglands best

larabar Dr. Praeger's

The Laughing Cow Jump Sport

Our swag included:

  • Click espresso protein powderscan’t wait to try these as a shake or in my cereal!!
  • Dried cherries  – learned they have a lot of  benefits for workout recovery! I have been eating these already and love ’em!
  • New balance – we each got our own pair of walking or running shoes!
  • COUPONS GALORRRRRE for freebies!!
  • Zumba and other workout dvds!
  • Foodie samples of Eggland’s Best, potatoes, oats,  dr. Praegers, Popchips, etc, during the conference
  • Larabars
  • Bags and bags (and coupons) of Popchips!
  • Headphones,
  • etc!!!
Photo courtesy of Courtney!  

Saturday night, I sat with a literal wall of giveaway items. Even after giving a few things away, and having to leave a few behind in Baltimore, my suitcase was packed full – first time in a while I had to check on! I ended up using my suitcase for my stuff and used one of the free duffel totes we got for my clothes – tightly rolled up, which I carried on!

So what does that mean??!

It means GIVEAWAY TIME!! 😀 

I will be putting together a package full of coupons, headphones, a dvd, popchips, bars, some fitness/sports equipment and other stuff from the conference! I want to spread the Fitbloggin’ love and share my wealth freebies with a reader!

There are two ways to enter:
  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me the thing you would most like to get free from the picture and the best giveaway you’ve received
  2. Link this post to your blog
*Separate comment for each, please!! 🙂
In other news... we got these PokeIns’ at the conference, which you would use to get other bloggers info, by taping the magnetic ‘hands’ together… they are pretty much incredible and it has been going back through online and ‘finding’ my friends from last weekend. PokeIns may be the next business cards of America. Just sayin’.
Photo courtesy of Tina!
I will announce the winner Monday night!! Happy Friday night, loves!
❤ J

Makings of a Good Day.

Yesterday was a pretty good day!

After a friend let me try her new mini french press,

Hazelnutty coffee in a tumbler to go, yummy 🙂

..It started early with class (Persuasion),

Where we learned about the persuasive effects advertising and media have on us through being shown this Bud commercial,

I followed up class with a hot and sweaty noon time power yoga class,

and stopped by Trader Joe’s between classes,

Where I was reminded of this!!

YTP opening soon! And, it's gonna be HOT!!

I turned in a big proposal in my interviewing class, always nice to check off big things like that.

Later in the evening I made a target run for “essentials” aka you know how that goes…

I did have some yummy snacks yesterday, tried this bar from my friend Katie,

Mojo Trail mix bar!

It had been a while since I’ve had one, but I love these – they are so chewy and texture-y. You should definitely try one!

Nuts, seeds, raisins, chocolate!

I also had a yum peanut flour combination I made last night, needed something a ‘lil sweet!

Looks like mush, tasted great! Peanut flour paste with xyletol to sweeten (just a little) fat free whipped cream, pb puffs WF brand cereal, freeze dried strawbs and bloob and a little sf chocolate sauce!

All in all, I would say the makings of a good day!

Now, I am at work, looking forward to meeting my Daddooo for dinner tonight at our favorite seafood spot downtown. My mom’s out of town so it will be nice to eat and catch up with him a little!

What was the best part of your Wednesday? What are your makings of a good day? What are your weekend plans?!

Off to find lunch, but before I forget, Happy Birthday Gabriela!! 😀 I will be joining you in “21 land” in a few short weeks!!


Best foodie concoction as of late??!

Perspective, and some Really Good Eats.

I’m sure unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have all seen and heard all the coverage with the Chilean Miner Rescue that happened this week.

 “All 33 Chile miners freed in flawless rescue”

Wednesday, I had some errands to run, so I ventured home across the water for the night. I missed the ferry. I was tired from working all day. I was hungry and cranky. And I didn’t get to see this guy…

Then this happened…

The rescue.

 My mom and I stood in our kitchen, reading headlines and watching everything unfold. We were both amazed, and so happy at theunfolding events – every miner successfully rescued! What was truly incredible about this story though….. They were trapped under there for almost three months. Seventy days. And it has just been in the news, recently. Kind of puts things in perspective. My mood instantly turned around.   


A glass of red wine and…. Cooking dinner also helped! I do love to cook but obviously, in living in a sorority, it’s not really an everyday option for me. I made good use of the kitchen and made us dinner: Roasted Veg: purple and red potatoes, broc, cauli, carrots, onions, japanese eggplant, mushrooms and tomaters!


Eat yo veggies!

Roasted Veg: purple and red potatoes, broc, cauli, carrots, onions, mushrooms and tomaters!


I also stir fried up some shrimp, scallops in a red wine/bbq sauce mixture (the result of a glass of wine and forgetting that I had put wine to reduce, ha!)..but it was sooooooooo goood!!!– We had the stir fry atop the roasted veg, served with crusty olive and honey orange bread, a balsamic reduction for dipping, it was quite the Wednesday night feast!


And because sometimes you really just need dessert, the real feast came later thanks to a loaf of my sister’s homemade banana bread stashed away in the freezer, our supply of nut buts and some chocolate I also managed scrounge up! 😉


Homemade banana bread with White Chocolate Wonderful. I die.

^This is only a tiny sampling of the damage that occured 😉 Lurrrrvveeeee her homemade breads. <–My weakness ;P


Other note- worthy eats of the week??






Part of a homemade "pizza" with humus, dairy-free almond cheese *get this, yums!*, shitake, red pep and tofu slices, broiled!

Love pizzas/wraps.. quick, easy, tasty!

Think (Food!) White Chocolate Chip bar, a la University cafe the other day

Snackplates! Pretzel slims, almond cheese, humus, tofu slices!

Buy at Whole Foods or any store, in the vegan cheese section, this is my favortie flavor... really strong "cheese" taste and texture and lots o protein!

Trader's Tofu

"Sushi" wrap made with seaweed, tofu, almond cheese and humus!

White...chocolatey. Review to come!

More sister bread... pumpkin! The VERY last slice, only half a slice 😦 sad to see it go!



dried fruit and nut biscottis- so good!

Trader Joe's Eggplant Humus, love this stuff!

Leftovers from Wednesday’s dinner, ea

Last night I went to an Oktoberfest themed party, at the same house I was at for the tailgate last weekend.. there was lots of beer drinking and games of the drinking variety.. I tried a few beers (sips, really) but I’m not really a beer fan, so….it was girly, sugary drinks for me! 😉 <–once in a while doesn’t hurt, right?!

Mmmmm, sugar


Mike's Hard Limeaide

leftovers taste better!

Tonight, I am babysitting, then there is talk of a “family night”. A friend who graduated in the spring is in town, and drinking and shenanigans are sure to ensue 😀
Hope you are all off to a good start to the weekend!!

What puts things in perspective for you? Fav new foodie concoctions? – I like my wraps and my random stir fries! 😀

 What weekend plans do you have??


Snacks and Snapshots.

Last weekend my mom came to campus to see my room, we went shopping and to dinner, and bought some fun decorations (and a whole bunch of groceries – hollah!)…

I always burn candles in my room, makes it smell so good and totally makes the mood! (even though I shouldn't be, shhhh!)Flowers my mom bought me this weekend - brightens up the room! 😀

Mini Punnnnkins!!!!!

This week–like most, I’m discovering– was another packed full of to-dos; sorority commitments, school, work, yoga, cleaning the yoga studio, friends, family, schoolwork, meetings, applying to the major, etc.. I’m definitely busy this quarter! But, not complaining! I pretty much set my schedule and I like it. I like being busy – sometimes I feel like the busier I am, the more I get done! Make sense?

Here are some of the week’s snacks and snapshots!

Been studying and doing tons of reading for my classes - really interesting and i've been liking it though!

To-go salad for dinner one night, with unpictured tortilla - w/ steamed veg, baked tofu (so good!), humus, brussels and goat cheese. w/ thai peanut dressing from Trader Joe's--my favorite!!

Sushi returns!

Lots of coffee and study/reading been going on!

Love these bars, they are a fav! They come in Carob (my favorite one!) and PB flavors too!

My bad habit ;P

Dried medjool dates, SO good! Insert pb "dipper" *here*

Carrots and humus eaten in Sbux the other day as study snacks! I know my girl GC would be proud!

Mango, peach and passion fruit smoothie on campus! Love these, remind me of this spring when I got them all the time during finals week! It was HOT that day and a smoothie seemed necessary!

And tonight…

Sushiland!! Ahhh, haven't been in soooo long! Took a new friend tonight, her first time going.. yum i LOVE me some sushi!!

Then we went to a movie! We saw this, thanks to my “benefits” of company $6 movie tickets:

Reaction: I thought it was cute…but totally what I expected it to be. I feel like Katherine Heigl has done this role already a million times. Regardless, it was cute, funny, sad, dramatic and pretty well done overall, not a bad way to spend a Friday night!

Came home craving something sweet. Even though I dug into some leftover chocolate chip banana bread and chocolate chip cookie that my cook had made earlier, I dug out these almond biscottis I bought at TJ’s and had a couple topped with White Chocolate Wonderful and Dark Chocolate Dreams, (No nut butter left behind!) and carob chips – a winning combination! 😀

This weekend is a Football weekend, a home game on campus tomorrow. Unfortunately I don’t have tickets, but may still partake in “pre gaming activities” 😉 Also on the agenda is another possible Sushiland visit – they have a special tomorrow only: every plate is $1!

Hope you all had lovely weeks and starts to the weekend!


1. Do you like being busy? How do you “set your schedule?”

2. Seen any good movies lately? What do you think of Katherine Heigl? Josh Duhamel? <– ❤ him!

3. Is it a “football weekend” for you or your team? Go to just the tailgates, or is the game ‘necessary’?! 😉

G’Night all!!

The Best Kind of Getting Lost…

Is when you have no where to be! When it is gorgeous out, when you’re with your best friend and when you are on a horse.

Hi guys!!

Gaston says “hi” too!

Gaston loves apples.

I went riding with my friend yesterday morning, and yes, we got lost on the trails. It was excellent 😉

Me and Gaston!

Actually, that’s kind of the theme of the last twenty four hours of my life.. I had such a good weekend! After my sister left Saturday morning, I was here that night, but went home Sunday afternoon, to attend yet another party–this time, my little sister’s, her two best friends from middle school and their parents. We’ve all basically grown up together.

The Drive Downtown, SO many people out boating!

I love our house for outdoor entertaining in the summer! Lawn chairs, an outdoor patio, a grill, the beach and water and a fire pit… beach bonfires are the best!!


My mom made an amazing eggplant and polenta parmesan dish that I definitely enjoyed made a huge dent in and my sister made a phenomenal strawberry rhubarb pie. I helped by setting out some apps,

Carbalicious dippers for the guac, salsa and humus, along with unpictured veg crudites, blue corn chips, shrimp cocktail and drinks!

I also made a pretty tasty Mediterranean orzo salad with sun-dried tomatoes, feta, olives and grilled peppers and onions that I will post the recipe for soon!

It was a fun party and cool for the girls to bring their families together–they have known each other since middle school, crazy to think they are all leaving this fall for college!

Yesterday morning, I met my friend early to ride. Riding Gaston makes me miss riding Gaston! :/

After we rode, I had to catch a ferry to get home so I could work at the yoga studio this afternoon. We got new hardwood floors this weekend, so the studio has been closed. I cleaned, worked at the computer a while and took a class–my body needed it after a few days off! It was definitely an intense class, especially the first hour, with the hot hot heat we’ve been having. I think that somewhat helped me get further into the poses, and I know I’ll be glad I did it today!

While entering computer data, I munched this new-to-me bar that I wanted to review; Crunch peanut butter Cliff I typically don’t really like Clif bars because I think they are too…sticky??, but I liked this one a lot! It was crunchy but kind of tasted like a mushy peanut butter and honey sandwich. Sounds gross, but it worked! 😉

Crunch peanut butter Cliff


I also went grocery shopping and found some fun new finds!!!

Kale Chips, have seen these all over the blog world, will review soon!


Soysations faux cheese blend, hearts of palm, Corn thins, rythm chips, kammut puffs cereal, kashi honey sesame crackers

*not a very produce-filled shop 😉

Today I have another day off and I plan to make good use of it! My boss is out of town this week so I am working tomorrow through Friday instead of my usual Mon-Wednesday. We are also having a huge family day event Friday that should be a lot of work fun, can’t wait to recap that!

Plans for today include a possible Target run and sushi date, probable Whole Foods, yoga and definite beach adventure with my house! I have missed most of the beach outings because of work so I am so excited to go today!!

What did you do this weekend? Do you like Clif bars, favorite one? Do you prefer entertaining or going to parties?

Also, the jury’s totally out. Okay, leftover’s don’t taste better lol 😛

❤ you,


My new buddha key chain I bought on a whim yesterday, I love it! It's purple and so cute and I love to see it and think "yogi breath" lol, also love to add fun things to my key chain, haven't done that in too long!

Target finds and smoothie concoctions!!!

Hey guys, TGIF!!!!!

Big plans for the weekend? My little sister is coming over to stay at the frat with me tonight, and go to our retirement home themed party, should be fun! It works out well too, because my roommate is home for the weekend to attend her friends wedding! (<-we are way too young for our friends to be getting married 😉 )

Yesterday I had off work, first day off all week, so I took advantage of it and slept in! When I finally did pull myself out of bed get up, I met a friend who called me up for coffee, then ran errands, Target, Forever 21 and the mall, made some returns, groceries, and hot yoga last night! Our studio is closing for the weekend to do a remodel for new floors so it was nice to get one last practice in!

Why, oh why, does Target always steal our money on random purchases that are totally unnecessary necessary?!!! I feel like every time I go in there, I could spend hours trolling the aisles, always buy things that *jump into my cart, but never really leave with anything significant..

Anyway yesterday I got some good stuff, three tumblers that were on sale for 19 cents each (!), a floral shirt to wear tonight to the retirement party, some wine stoppers, a box of ten different mini cereals (hello, impulse buy!), a mini silicone baking thing…

Target finds!

Also found a scrapbook for pictures from Boston I had printed yesterday, (weekend project!!), sanitizing wipes, three-pack of gum, a candle, two new luna bar flavors…

The Goods

Good loot, if I do say so myself! 😉

This morning I woke up early to get to an appointment, which was a little er challenging after a late night last night. When I got home from the appointment, I concocted a smoothie! It’s a hot day here and a smoothie sounded yum! Into the blender went frozen mango, cherries and a few random slices of strawberry and pineapple, plus some hemp protein powder, xantham gum (still haven’t tried guar gum, is there a big difference?) and almond milk,

Smoothie making on my floor 😉

Of course no smoothie is complete without the topping, so I turned it into….

Smoothie a la mode!

Topped with fiber one and kashi good friends

Funny, as I was catching up on blogs this morning and drinking this smoothie, I saw Katie had made a similar one today! Great minds bloggers think alike!!!!

Also recently tried this new bar that I think I got from Target on a trip there, their brand Chocolate peanut butter protein:

Protein bar.

Really good! Resembled a Reese’s peanut butter cup in a crunchy, crispy bar form, which is okay by me!! 😉

I like the thick peanut butter layer!

Well, I’m off, I’m meeting my little sis downtown today, may stop by Pike Place Market (!), bring my Rebella along, take some fun pictures!! It’s a gorgeous day out there, need to get out and enjoy it!

Question of the day: What are you looking forward to? I always like to have *something* to look forward to in life, keep it from becoming monotonous ya know? Travel, a fun dinner out, a birthday party… all good answers! Me, I’m really looking forward to next month’s Healthy living summit. I can’t wait to room with some great blog friends, explore Chicago (haven’t been there in years), eat some great food, hear some great speakers and get the chance to just do. something. really. fun. 😀

Bye loves, have an AMAZING weekend!!!!!! ❤ J!!!!

Going to Boston Tonight!

Hey guys, TGIF!!!! 😀 I’m pretty stoked for this weekend/upcoming week. I’m headed to Boston tonight on an overnight flight for a family reunion with my mom’s side of the family. We get together every year–last year they came to Seattle for the first time–and I love seeing everyone, I love family!

Thanks again for listening and the sweet comments on the whole in my car. Good news is I took it to get a quote today and talked to the lady who hit me and things will eventually get fixed and figured out. Slowly but surely…

Today was spent doing some last-minute errands, and packing for our trip, had to send back an old phone at the Post office, pickup some contact lenses for my mom, watered all our flowers in the garden, collected some beach stuff with my sister to bring to my little cousin, dropped off my car, picked up some airplane snacks and movies at the library… busy, but good day!

This morning I enjoyed one of these bad boys:

Medjool stuffed date with bettern pb and carob chips!

Too long since I’ve had one!

Topped with crushed peanuts too!

…they are best if you heat ’em in the micro for a few seconds, twelve to be exact! 😉

❤ pb & dates & carob, excellent combo, you must try 😀

I also received some fun freebies in the mail! After seeing these on these blogs, I ordered the trial samples online for myself!

Wow Chocolate Chip

Cliff Crunch Bar

Love, love getting freebies, can’t wait to try them!

Am just finishing some consolidation packing and watching Ghost Whisperer. (ha I never watch TV, but it’s on and kind of addictive 😉 ) We are taking a red eye tonight so we’ll arrive early in the morning! Can’t wait, I’ll see you from Boston!!!!

❤ Jac

While packing, another stuffed date! This time smeared with almond butter, carob chips and a sprinkle o coconut, yum!


1. Weekend plans?! 2. Have you been to Boston? I’ve been before but not in a few years, looking forward to looking around, shopping getting some good eats and definitely family time and lounging time!!! Suggestions for what to do while I’m there? 3. Favorite addictive TV show?? As I said, I don’t watch a lot, but some just capture you! Definitely have loved watching the CW shows, The Hills, The City and the Bachelor in the past!