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Friday Fave Fives, Hello Memorial Day Weekend!

Ahhhhhh, it’s been a crazybusy week (aren’t they all these days?) but it is Friday which means one thing….

Yayyyyyyyyy Weekend!! 😛



Crazy to think just one week ago (well, last Thursday night), I was chillin’ in my (upgraded to Hospitality suite) hotel room, waiting for Fitbloggin to kickoff…

Well this Friday had a bit of a different feel…

I may not have been in Baltimore, and I may have only gotten a few hours of sleep after staying out too late and waking up too early; read: why I don’t go out during the week, but I did have some Friday faves’ today!

1. I’m bringing sexy cereal back….. I am a cereal monster, nothing helps a hangover better I think! ;P2. Mixing and matching wardrobe staples. And, my new jean jacket!

Black tights: DKNY for Nordstrom, skirt: Express, jean jacket: Forever 21, (unpictured) black flats: Jessica Simpson for Nordstrom.

3. Eating this {Monster} cookie at work today. It is cookie Friday after all. Okay, maybe a giant cookie helps that hangover better 😛

Chocolate chip walnut cookie. Done and done.

4. Whole Foods having a Friday night “happy hour bites“. Each Friday, the Whole Foods *which ohso conveniently happens to be on my drive home from work* hosts a tasting party of sorts, giving out a ton of gourmet food (and drink) samples in their store. It was like a free dinner tonight! Spicy shrimp, soup samples, grilled pineapple, watermelon, chocolate samples, hotdogs, maccaroni salad, sushi wraps…

Mango avacado wrap and an ahi tuna wrap sample.

There were so many samples tonight and I tried almost everything – I was full after!!

5. Today kicking off Memorial Day weekend –> No school or work Monday! Holler to that! Here’s to (my, and) your weekend being full of friends, family, good weather, horses and *insert your dog/cat here*, bbqs, good food, the farmer’s market, yoga, sushi, a drink or two and general shenanigans :)….

What are you looking forward to this weekend?!

Have you entered my Fitbloggin giveaway?! You only have until Monday!











Five Fun Friday {Part 2} !

Happy Friday loves!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyy, weeeeeeeeekend 😀 😀

Anything fun planned??

I am officially off school & work for the week and about to go get ready to finally go out and celebrate the end of Greek week tonight, but first I will leave you with Five Fun Friday!!

Random musings, what I’m wanting, wishing & loving:

Here we gooooo….




Still wanting this Michael Kors watch! There seems to be watch fevah, and it has caught on!!

Carrots ‘N Cake!! As I commented to Tina yesterday, I have been to B&N three times in the last two weeks, and they haven’t had it on the shelves!!!!

2. Wishing…….
Wishing I were in Paris with Julie right now, but I will be there soon! Just a few short months until I go abroad……
Also wishing for a delicious blue drink….maybe a margarita or pretty cocktail tonight, maybe necessary after this week! 😛

Finally, wishing it were next Wednesday so I would be off to FitBloggin! SO excited to visit Baltimore meet my new blogger roomies and see some old blends!! 😀
Loving new work clothes! Top: F21, pants: H & M ! 😀
Loving that it is the weekend meaning my weekend faves: Farmer’s Market, etc!!

Loving this local Groupon, $6 for $12 worth of gluten-free, vegan bakery goods! Also loving that I subscribe to my sisters’ city Groupons and bought them each one this week – cupcakes for my sister who just finished finals and 2 movie passes for my sister who was just saying she and her bf never get alone time since they are both freshmen living in dorms…. Love spreading the love! ❤

Loving this photo I oh-so sneakily snapped the other night walking down the street in the Greek system – this guy had two girls holding him upright to walk home….rough night?!
Well, that may have been more than five fun things 🙂 Hope you are all having Fab Fridays! Question Time!
1. Any other Groupon lovers out there?! I know where you are hiding ;)…..
2. What are you up to this weekend? Are you out of school for the summer (if you go)? I still have another month almost!
Before I forget…..
     *Majahhh congrats to Gabriela for graduating this week! –
     *and to Ada for completing a crazybusy academic year
     *Congrats on bringing Babycakes into the world, Katie!!!!!!!
     *congrats on the big move, Emily!! Welcome to Seattle!
     *Enter Julie’s giveaway!

You Only Turn 21 {Twice}…

Whewww, where have I been!?! 

I meant to post last Sunday night, and never hit publish.. and now it’s Sunday again! Anyway….. I have had a good week!

Cinco de Mayo Thursday night…

Purple dress Express, Leather fringe boots Steve Madden, necklace BP for Nordstrom

Peach Liz. My night changed course when I ran into an ex…and we ended up back at the bar.

(My second Paris orientation meeting) and A spring formal dance Friday night…

Yesterday morning started off with a hot yoga session, followed by the usuals:

Saturday University Farmer's Market.

Walking beat driving my car. Especially on the weekends.Walking beats driving my car. Especially on the weekends.

Mandatory weekend Whole Foods stop for coffee and some groceries.

And last night, my twin friends who turned 21 Monday had a birthday party at a cool lounge/bar downtown. Their Dad threw it for them and while it was a lot of his/their siblings friends, some of their friends came out too, it ended up being really fun! (and an open bar, holler Daddy S! : P ) You only turn 21 oncetwice. We went out dancing afterso needless to say it was a late night by the time my head finally hit the pillow at 3 am.

Me and one of the twins!

Today I went back to the Fremont Farmer’s Market that I first visited last weekend. It is an amazingly large flea-type market with more jewlery/clothing vendors than anything else.

Fremont Farmer's Market.

Yoga again tonight and then catching up with laundry/school/my sisters, etc and all of a sudden the weekend is over again, what happened? :/….

Oh well, on to the next!

What was the best thing you did / saw / ate this weekend ? For me it would have to be last night (all of last night), a ginger/raspberry drink I had, dancing/hanging out with friends!! So fun. And doesn’t seem to happen enough. My Mom is actually out of town, in Cancun this weekend, so I couldn’t spend Mother’s Day with her. I’m glad she and my Dad are having fun for their anniversary trip though, and I did get to see her Thursday morning, I took w a break from work to get coffee with them on their way to the airport!

On another note……

Okay, okay I know pretty much all bloggers are obsessed with peanut flour and have been using it like woahh for everything from peanut buttery uses to oats to ‘frosting’, to cookie dough, to mixing with frozen blueberries, to making peanut candy, etc. But, I have to say….I’ve tried it and just don’t really like it that much. I know; gasp! I actually think TJ’s Better n’ Peanut Butter is waaaaay better, and can’t seem to keep my hand outta the cookie jar finger out of the better ‘N jar. Anyone else out there with me on this?

So I ask you: Better 'N Peanut Butter > Peanut Flour?!

Night!! ❤

Jazzy Easter Weekend!

Hey hey how was your {Easter} weekend? 😀

Mine was pretty good! I worked Friday, then went to my study abroad orientation meeting.It was great to learn more/get excited about the travel, and to meet the other students going. It will be crazylifechaning, but fun, I’m sure. I definitely intend to blog my experiences there. 😀


Saturday morning I hit up my favorite instructor’s hot power Yoga class, and then wandered through the Farmer’s Market *didn’t buy anything though, I was kind of late and it was a little picked over* because it was such a gorgeous day,

People seemed to be in extra good moods. What can I say, Seattlelite’s tend to get happy when the sun finally comes out… Later, continued my journey downtown to shop for my little sister’s Birthday present and get a free hair makeover by some guy working at Sephora,

He did that with a straightener! I was impressed. (And really wanted it!)

Some other shopping occurred of course,

Leather Motorcycle jacket that I may *neeeeeed* for Paris... Actually a friend works in the designer section of Nordstrom and he snapped this. Excuse my weird expression. 😛

Damn the blog world and bad influences like Gracie,

And Katie,

Tory Burch flats. Swoon. 😉

Saturday night, as I mentioned it was my little sister’s nineteenth birthday, we met at Jazz Alley for Maceo Parker. He. Was. Incredible. The second he started playing his saxophone, it was like nothing I’d heard before – sheer talent – he also sang and had a big group on stage, about 7 or 8 including his son, and was totally hilarious and kept the audience entertained throughout the performance. That hour and a half dinner flew by way too fast.

We concluded with a late-night beach bonfire on the island with some of my sister’s friends who were also home for the Easter weekend. I woke up early Sunday to get ready for our Easter dinner with my grandparents and aunt and uncle, who have just recently moved from Australia to the states.

While the meat eaters enjoyed lamb…

I made a delicious frittata for my sister and I. I was happy with how well it came out, all of the non-vegetarians tried it and there was barely any left!!

Onions and mushrooms, tofu scrambled in, garlic and herb seasoning, grape tomatoes, eggs and two kinds of goat cheese.

After lunch we had to say good bye to Hayley, but took a nice walk later at a nature reserve on the island.

I was lazy enjoying hanging out with my twin friend’s and their mom and not wanting the weekend to end last night, so I ended up staying over at my parents. Waking up an hour and a half from school is always a little inconvenient, but it was worth it. I had a great (fast) couple days home visiting family and friends and recharging. It was kind of much needed after some of last week’s events…

Well I just got home from yoga and cleaning the studio, showered and just about to catch some zzzzs. Today was a long day but I got a lot done in terms of personal to-dos (including finding my Fit Bloggin roomies!!). Which is good because tomorrow is work, and this week is BUSY.
Tell me; How was your Easter weekend? What did you do / cook / eat?!
Best recipe as of late ? I liked my frittata – an experiment gone…right 😉 ! 
Night!! ❤

Vancouver Recap: Part 1!

A 6 am wake up call, a 7 am work call, getting off at 1, racing to the bank and getting coffee home to finish packing (aka grabbing my bag and passport) and a four hour drive and border crossing later and….

...and a margarita was calling my name 😉

We were going to go out Friday night, but ended up just walking around the city a lot and hitting up a few smaller bars… the lines were long and we had big plans for the next night,

In total, there were about sixty people up there in our group: the guys and their dates. I wasn’t “with” my date.. kind of a set up that happened last weekend at the Superbowl party actually, but still fun.

Saturday morning a new friend *who was also there as someones date just as a friend* and her date, a guy I know pretty well, ventured off to the Saturday Farmer’s Market on Granville Island (while my date was still sleeping..)

It was a walk to the market, which would have been fine, but it was pretty rainy – we bundled up and I even stopped to get an umbrella on the way back! Luckily the day cleared up later, in time for our dinner *with a bunch of heel-wearing girls!*

The market was crazy – it had everything! Kind of reminded me of a Pike Place Market / Ferry terminal Market (in San Francisco) hybrid. I have been once before, two years ago when I came, and it was just as cool as I remembered. Tons of bakeries, meats, cheeses, produce, mixed nuts, donuts, hot food vendors and jewelry vendors!!

Not to mention the free samples throughout -wheeeewwwww! 😀


Later that day, we got ready for our formal dinner, the sky had cleared up and we made our way there *all sixty of us!*

I started with a Grand Blue margarita. I have an affinity for blue beverages, what can I say?

Oh, and about the dress…..

I chose option B!

I also dressed it up with this, which I never really use —



Marc Jacobs clutch!!

Do you have hidden gems in your closet that you forget about too??!

Have you been to Vancouver – or Canada, in general? Fav drink – non alcoholic works too! I don’t know why, but I think the blue ones are so pretty 😉

Stay tuned for recap part 2!!!! Will be back tomorrow with it!!

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day loves!! ❤


Friend Dates are the Best!!

Especially when they include all of my favorites!!! 😀

First up: Good friends. Check! My friend Jackie, (yes, same name) who I have known since we met in acting class when we were twelve years old! She is a twin and the three of us go wayyy back. I ❤ them – and we have sooooo many stories of our teenage years! 😉

Second, my fave dinner place: check! Sushiland, of course!!

Seaweed salad and sake to start, a must makes the sushi taste so much more delicious 😀

We even got a special roll last night, a purple (the most $$) plate, the Spider Roll,

Tempura Crab and Cucumber


Don’t try to deny it… we all know tempura is the best sushi.

We ended up eating, sippin’ sake and chatting for an hour and a half… I think my Sushiland record!! Seriously it was so nice though; I feel like we lead two very separate lives and while every time we get together, it’s like not much has really is hard to keep up friendships sometimes when you a) don’t go to the same school, b) I work all the stinkin’ time and c) just really don’t ever cross paths. Regardless, it was fun to catch up!

After our sushi and sake fest, which included the sharing of many plates, we were pleasantly full, but of course that didn’t stop us. Jackie the informant told me of a magical place that had opened near SL….


Hello, free samples!!!!!!

I love self-serve frozen yogurt, and it had been forever! We were so full, but we definitely had to check it out! I have thoroughly drooled over Menchie’s creations seen around but I didn’t know we had them in WA. I will for sure be back to make one of my own soon!

We left just in time to go to her house around the corner and watch this week’s Grey’s Anatomy -TV…another thing I haven’t done / watched in for evah! – and 30 rock and drink a glass of red wine.

All in all, a very fun evening! 😀


Last night, I was invited to a “Grab-A-Date.” That’s a Greek term for a fraternity or sorority social event where you have to grab someone to be your date.

The theme?

"Tour de Franzia"

Yes, that’s right. Hello, a bunch of college student’s chugging cheap, boxed wine, wearing biker uniforms and sharpied-on fake French mustaches’ on the guys… My date and I looked at each other like, “yeah, we are too old for this.” Even so, we had fun sipping our wine; it ended up being  a fun night. 😉

^More to come!

Today, after hot power yoga this morning, a trip through the farmer’s market and Whole Foods for my Saturday morning coffee buzz, I spent all too many hours sitting in a chair of the Aveda Training salon, getting my hair colored. It took forever and was tiring and boring, but I got some reading done for class and now I’m supah blond again 😉

Tomorrow morning I have a yoga class and then I’m going to stick around to do a specially-offered Meditation class they are offering for the thirty-day challenge. I’m really looking forward to trying it! I probably should go to bed early and not be doing this…


But…what can I say?! <–Ha, not a very compelling argument!!

Last time you hung out with an old bestie?? Do you keep up with friends from you childhood?? How do you make long-distance (or short-but-never-see-each-other) distance friendships work?

Sushi and Ice cream, and a Lazy Sunday :)

Heyyyy there, Happy Sunday 🙂

Thank you for the nice comments about my food poisoning on my last post. That was not fun, but it’s over. Moving on!… 😉

Friday night, my sister did indeed come over to hang out. She is done with classes, so she’s already moved home for winter break. She met me downtown after work and some Christmas shopping and we saw this;

Black Swan.

Black Swan, with Natalie Portman. The movie was… dark. It was intense. Not exactly scary but there were definite scenes that were hard to sit through. We both agreed that it was well done, but missed somehow in the end. It was just, too much. Too dark, too sad. If you are into psychological thrillers, I would recommend it, but for this time of year, I say go for the light-hearted, holiday movies instead!

Saturday morning, still feeling some effects of being sick, I pulled myself out of bed and went to hot yoga. I really wasn’t feeling it (at first) but felt so glad I made it when the class was over. Sometimes a sweat and stretch can do wonders! Then, I ventured to my Farmer’s Market. My favorite chocolate bread maker was all out, but he gave me a free slice of his holiday fruit and nut bread, and I bought some Gluten-free donuts to bring to my sister,

Amazing pumpkin spice scone

Then, ran some errands and came home, to take care of my little sis. Turns out she fractured a rib from coughing, since she has been sick! Crazy! Anyway, we took it easy last night with some sushi…

Veggie tempura roll with brown rice!

Mmmm, I do love sushi! Hardly ever get veggie sushi, but after my stomach troubles, I thought it was a safe bet, and my vegetarian sister’s choice looked like a good one! 😀

Came home, watched SNL and enjoyed some of these bad boyz 😀 Mmmmm I do love ice cream!

Pumpkin Ice Cream!

Chocolate Peanut Butter yum!

Today has been quite  a lazy day complete with a coffee run, tv and internet time… feels so nice to just relax sometimes! I think we may venture into the city tonight though, to meet my parents for dinner at Anthony’s, one of my favorites! I also need to come up with something to bring to my company holiday potluck tomorrow!


Happy Sunday! What are you up to today?
Favorite ice cream flavor?? I love coffee and chocolate together… but I have to say, the vegan, raw ice cream I shared with Gina and Gabriela in New York City  was probably some of the most amazing, unique ice creams I have ever tried – it takes the cake ice cream!

Any good veggie/vegan recipes for my holiday potluck? I would like to make something savory – I have a feeling there will be an abundance of sweet foods! 😀