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{Lychee Margarita} Memorial Day Weekend Recap!

After I left you Saturday, the day was was full of some of my usual Saturday activities.

Later that afternoon, I headed to the island. This weekend marks my parent’s 27th wedding anniversary and they had dinner reservations here on Bainbridge – and wanted me to join them. I happily tagged along. I had been to Four Swallows before, but never in my drinking age, so it was a more fun experience.

The outfit du jour:

White crop jeans - Khols, black tank - Express, jean jacket and black belt- Forever 21, gold flats - Nordstrom - with a side of WA state ferries in the background :P.

Dinner was great, featuring pouring red wine and grilled prawns — some of my favorites 🙂


Sunday we attended a housewarming party on the island. My parent’s collegue has lived here for a few months now but just had everyone she works with over to see her place. She lives in an adorable little house pretty close to the water, with some really unique middle and far-Eastern decorations, lots of light and very “Crate and Barrel”-esque furniture. Seeing decorated houses like that makes me excited to have my own!

The party included “work” for the guests. We were instructed to use these watercolors she had put out to make a “favorite thing about Bainbridge” painting, which she is going to put together with the rest, into a big piece.

I left early in the afternoon to head back to the city. My friend and I had plans to hit up Happy Hour and then go to Folklife, a Seattle music festival going on every Memorial Day weekend.  We walked through the festival for a while but decided it was too cold/too many people……so instead  headed to a thai restaurant for that ‘happiest of‘ hour.

I ordered a Lychee margarita while she went with a chambord lemon drop. I figured when in Rome Thailand, order something lychee… but honestly, it wasn’t really my favorite. Oh well, I will know next time! We had an interesting bar conversation with a (much older) couple sitting next to us… and overall a fun time out last night!

Lychee Margarita.

Sweet lemon drop with chambord.

…And because sometimes all you really need with drinks like this is to share a big tower of fried thai food….. 

Calamari, spring rolls and crab rangoon, coconut prawns.

We got back to her house later, continued the party hanging out and crashed out. This morning I got home, and have to get ready to go babysit in a few minutes for a little girl I have been watching for over a year now. Not really a “day off”, but it should be fun, and make me some extra ca$h money!


What are your memorial day plans??

Have you ever tried / do you like lychee? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve had in your drink?  


Ps: Have you entered my giveaway yet?! Have you entered Katie’s giveaway?! Another Ps – I did get to see this face yesterday 😉 


It [Should Be] all Greek to Me.

After spending my whole day working,

I really wanted to come home, join the masses and go out to an annual Greek week foam party…… (oh, memories ; P)

Fortunately for my overall cleanliness/health/liver Unfortunately I have an important quiz tomorrow based on eight weeks of reading… with no outline or review sheet. So I am spending my night instead on the couch being somewhat, when not blog reading and getting distracted responsible. Doin’ work. 


Here’s to Greek week, take two…tomorrow night!

How did you spend your night? Ever participated in Greek Week?

It’s The {Not So} Little Things.

The not so little things, like after a really long day/week of school, work, etc., coming home and seeing this waiting for you in the mail!………..

I was in the store last week and walked by this stand – they were doing a survey, collecting shoppers addresses to see which neighborhood they should open a new store.. Well, the woman behind the desk said they had four $100 gift cards to give away as incentives, that it would be mailed to my address if I won. I told her I live in a house with a hundred other people, so to get my name too. Low and behold…………

Holy Whole Foods!!!!!!!

I have some serious work to do :D!! (Last night I already started doing that by buying a bunch of fun bulk food bin finds to send to one sister and another mini gift card to send to the other, and this morning, continued with using it for my iced coffee !)

 What should I use this to buy?! Any Whole Foods finds I must try?!!!!
Have you ever won anything?! I was surprised – I never win anything!

Would you Believe me…

Would you believe me…………….

If I told you I hopped on a plane and spent last weekend in New York City??!!!

Last time I was there was last fall – with the Fitnessista and Gabriela!Would you believe that I flew 3,000 + miles to spend only two days in the city?

But, I got to see my sister, who i saw last month in Vegas! I took her & my friend and his friend to lunch at The Coffee Shop, a cute hipster esque eatery in Union Square.

Bathroom, mirror shot!

Seeing Morgan and being able to take her out to lunch Saturday was definitely a highlight of the trip. I love my sister!

Would you believe that even though it was supposed to be rainy all weekend, New York City saw some of the best weather they have seen in months (because I was there, obv 😉 )

So, I spent some time walking and shopping in union square, my favorite

And came across a street fair, sampling delicious eats,

While in Union Square, would you believe that I ran into Marina?! I had never actually met her in person – only through blogging – so it was a crazysmallworld moment when I recognized her!

Would you believe that Saturday night, we went to a 12+ person birthday party at this place called the Hurricane Club, where they roasted an entire pig (didn’t partake) and served fancy tiki mixed drinks out of goblets and watermelon, a straw for each person and just let you fire away?!

You better believe that probably wasn’t the best idea for a vegetarian at a pig roast 😉

"To share" Brazilian Rum, Passion Fruit and Ginger


Blurriness intended 😉

Would you believe that I, Jaclyn, who never, ever loses her cell phone, left it in the back of a NYC cab Saturday night and spent the next morning filing a “missing item” report for $24.95 thankyouverymuch online to retrieve it??! Yeah, I can’t either……..

No thanks to you, Tiki drink!!,

It was still a fun night though. After the dinner, I stuck to water for the rest of the night, but the party continued as an after party for the birthday boy, then a few more bars before culminating on the roof of my friend’s apartment. It was a late night early morning!

Other than my lost phone and lost hours of sleep this weekend, it was such an amazingly fun and random trip, and I definitely don’t regret it a bit 🙂 I love, love travel, it is actually something I want to make time, effort and money toward pursuing, so I was happy to oblige that goal with this lil trip. 😀

I only wish I had a few more days there. I love. New. York. City.


What did you do last weekend?

What’s the furthest you’ve flown for the shortest amount of time?

Ever recognized a blogger or reader  on the street/ in a store / somewhere random?!


Fun Plans Tonight

Hey hey hey 🙂
Hope your Thursday is going swimmingly….. (I always think of Dori, “just keep swimming”…)


I am at work right now, but wanted to share my fun plans for the evening!

Including a yum sushi dinner and seeing Billy Elliot on stage!

Should be fun and I will be sure to report back!!

What are your Thursday night plans?

Vegas, continued!

Wow, this post is LONG OVERDUE, but on account of finals, and now being on spring break I haven’t had a free moment, so here is the rest of my Vegas recap!

Continuing with where we left off…After Friday night, Saturday we looked around, hung by the pool, visited some more resorts. We had a mini ‘World Tour’ during our vegas weekend taking us places like Venice, Paris, Egypt, New York City, etc, etc…

Saturday night, after exploring the shops beneath the Venetian, we headed to Tao, where the plan was to just get a drink, then dinner somewhere else. We had reservations for Mystere, a Cir du Soleil show that night, and ended up running out of time, so we had dinner there too. Let me just say, holy amazing: Tao is top ten  five probably my favorite place I have eaten/drank/been at of all time. The decor was very Far Eastern influenced, with tons of Buddahs, dark colors, Zen gardens, fountains, statues, etc. It was beautiful, lovely and the sushi menu was amazing as well: we got two rolls, some tempura and aps and shared everything. Oh, and I can’t forget that ahmazing Tiger Lily cocktail I got…

Mystere was amazing too 🙂 Very random and didn’t exactly make sense in terms of a ‘show’ but the acrobatic/dance talent was certainly apparent and it was definitely intriguing and entertaining.

Later that night *after some Ventian yoga – notice how I didn’t fall in the fountain!* we went back to TAO.  Dane Cook was hosting for his birthday that night, which we had all managed to get free tickets for. Let me just say if I thought Tao was amazing as a restaurant/lounge, it certainly did not disappoint as a nightclub 🙂 (oh, and I may have met someone ;))

The night ended late early due to Daylight Savings, and Sunday morning came fast. All of a sudden it was time to say “Goodbye” to my sister, sending her on her way..

Thanks to the power of social media, Facebook informed my cousin, who was visting Vegas for the weekend with her boyfriend, from Florida, that I would be in town. We were able to meet up quickly for brunch Sunday before hopping on our plane home.

Such a truly amazing and memorable weekend with my mom and sister. My Mom did a great job of making me feel completely spoiled in celebrating my 21st Birthday. From the dinners, to the drinks, to flying my sister out (!!), to first class on the way home,

Without doubt, the best trip/memory of 2011!!

What has been your best memory or trip of the year so far?!

[regular blogging will now resume! :D]



<3, Jac

Vegas, Full of Surprises

Vegas was in a word, amazing.

As you know, my Mom and I had been planning this Mother-daughter trip for weeks now,


Little did I know my older sister was in on it. She surprised me at the airport, having flown in from Philadelphia for the weekend! I hadn’t seen her since Christmas, and to say I was overly happy/shocked/surprised would be an understatement… tears of joy may have were definitely had.

Getting ready in the airport bathroom, how we do 😉

Another thing about this weekend?! It was a bit of a ‘World Tour’…..

Starting with lunch in “Paris” *aka at Mon Ami Gabi the Paris resort Casino*. The weather was perfect, I may have gotten a bit of a burn tan. 😀

Popping celebratory champagne,

Shared appetizers: scallops, shrimp cocktail, warm olives,

Baby bib lettuce, honeycrisp, beets, goat cheese,

Some of the. best. Sangria I have had, to date,

We continued our trip with a walk through the Millennium Mall, and then on to New York City,

The Cosmopolitan casino – new!,

*Check out that chandelier!*

We continued exploring the strip, headed back to our hotel, where the wait was over an hour long to check in (I kid you not!), relaxed a bit, and then headed out to dinner at Nobu at the Hardrock Hotel,

Yeah, we may have been a *little* happy to see each other,


Black cod lettuce wraps,

Yellowtail with jalapeno,

Kelp and Seaweed salad,

Nobu had been on my “must” list for some time, and it was great! Very elegant, and good food and drink to boot! I thought it was more of a ‘traditional’ sushi restaurant, but as you can see, not really the case – their specialties are more small hot and cold plates and sashimi plates. Regardless, we really enjoyed it!


Stay tuned for Part 2 of the recap!!
Until then, you should know, our night ended here,

Loved. Amazing.


Have you been to Vegas? Favorite part / place / casino / restaurant?!!

What’s the best surprise that has ever been pulled off on you? – I have to say, I was totally surprised with Morgan showing up at the airport – they thought there had been some *slips* last week and it wouldn’t work out, but I was shocked!! And I never get surprised – well done guys!