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Dinner with My Dad, Queen City Grill!

Tuesday night I met my Dad downtown to try out a new to us restaurant. My last day of work (more on that later), I knew I would need something fun to look forward to, so I was excited to have dinner plans and catch up with him! We have a typical dinner get together planned every month or so. It’s a tradition that really helps us keep up with each other’s lives. With me being at school and his crazy work and travel schedule, sometimes scheduling a chance to get together is the only way it will happen! Plus, it’s an excuse to try some {new} great Seattle restaurants! Our new goal is to try a new spot each time – and we have been doing a pretty good job of that!

Queen City Grill was pretty empty when we got there. Maybe because it was a Tuesday, or the day after a Memorial Day holiday weekend? Regardless, we enjoyed a drink at the bar, before getting our table.

Absolute Mandarin club soda and orange

The waitress brought out a free happy hour slider for us me try, but it had meat so I passed most of it along to my Dad. He enjoyed it and I liked the challah-like bread bite I tried!

We I knew we had to get the grilled prawns when I saw them on the appitizer menu.

"Grilled Oaxacan Prawns with a jicama and red onion salad"

My Dad also ordered the Bruschetta appetizer for us to also share.

Toasted Bruschetta with cream cheese, avocado, tomato puree and topped with roasted red peppers.

Both appetizers were good, but the grilled shrimp definitely stole the show. The tomato salsa it was atop reminded me more of a thick tomato pesto. While the bruschetta was tasty too, I really wanted the goat cheese bruschetta that was featured online – but the waiter informed us the menu had recently been updated. I think goat cheese would have been more interesting than (way too much) cream cheese, but even still, the avocado made an interesting, creamy addition to the dish.

For my entree, I was really hoping to order seafood, but in all honesty, the smell of crab wafting through the restaurant when we got there turned me off to that idea pretty much immediately. My Dad agreed with me on this. I decided to roll with a *safe* alternative. Roasted beets are another favorite of mine, and not always found on menus!

Roasted beets, goat cheese, candied pecans and mixed greens with champagne vinegarette

After our drinks, bread and appetizers I wasn’t so hungry anyway, so this was the perfect choice for me. For some reason it looks  a lot smaller in the picture than it actually was. The flavors of the salad were incredible together; I was actually really happy with my order. I also stole some of my Dad’s fabulous roasted veggies – he didn’t have the same appreciation for them as I did – he was focusing on his meat and noodles!

With our dinner, my Dad ordered us a bottle of cabernet sauvignon:

Chateau Montelena“Keep the stem on the table, swirl as fast as you can to aerate …”

He is turning me into a wine-O! I’m not really a beer fan (yuck) but a nice glass of wine with dinner, I can do! 😀

Dinner of course flew by – we always talk the whole time and then it seems to be….time to go! I love these dinners we have and am already looking forward to our next one!

We haven’t set a date or time (yet)….but time to start scouting out new restaurants?!!

Are you close with your parents? Do you have “date nights” like these to get together?

What’s your favorite dinner / drink order? As I said, I’m not a big beer fan, but I do love wine and mixed drinks… just not too fruity! 😛

Oh! In other news…..

I bought the watch!!!!!

*and some Essie nail polish!*

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Remember that song?

Sunday morning started very early, and was just that for me: back to life and reality. Goodbye blog friends, goodbye Baltimore and goodbye Fitbloggin 2011.

I was kind of dreading not too stoked to going home, since I have SO much to do
(read – finals, final projects, job interviews, have to find summer housing, etc)  in the coming weeks.

A few things made the end of the weekend and adjustment back into the school and work week just a little bit sweeter though..

1. Driving home from the airport, I was reminded (and pleasantly surprised) to see the Seattle International Street Fair going on  this weekend.

Tons of vendors, samples, jewelry, people and things to see and buy!

2. Finding an unexpected package waiting for me from my little sister!

Flying Squirrel Peanut Butter!!!!

Flying Squirrel was started by a group of college students that go to my sister’s college. Kath has blogged about it, and it really is amazing stuff. The Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed has an incredible ingredient list including peanuts, coffee, agave nectar, cocoa, salt. As I tweeted, I don’t think it’s going to last me long!!

3. A hot and sweaty yoga session, which felt sooo good after a few days off!

…and talking with a girl I’ve become friends with in yoga; she is a blog reader that goes to my school and said she recognized me in a bunch of posts from this weekend (and finally found my blog) – hi, yogi friend!! 😀

4. Reading recaps of this weekend by some of my old and new blog friends. 🙂

…and of course catching up on your lives that I’ve been missing! I was behind after this weekend!

5. Promise of a three day weekend next weekend! Hello, Memorial Day weekend!!

Might get a chance to see this guy!

How do you get back into the work / school week ‘grove’ after a weekend (or vacation) off??! 

Do you have big Memorial Day plans?

I would love to go to Sasquatch or go see my sister, but I think my weekend will be spent dedicated to a final paper, babysitting and maybe an overnight home…. oh, and hopefully a little fun too ;)!

Check back tomorrow for a FitBloggin giveaway!!

Five Fun Friday {Part 2} !

Happy Friday loves!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyy, weeeeeeeeekend 😀 😀

Anything fun planned??

I am officially off school & work for the week and about to go get ready to finally go out and celebrate the end of Greek week tonight, but first I will leave you with Five Fun Friday!!

Random musings, what I’m wanting, wishing & loving:

Here we gooooo….




Still wanting this Michael Kors watch! There seems to be watch fevah, and it has caught on!!

Carrots ‘N Cake!! As I commented to Tina yesterday, I have been to B&N three times in the last two weeks, and they haven’t had it on the shelves!!!!

2. Wishing…….
Wishing I were in Paris with Julie right now, but I will be there soon! Just a few short months until I go abroad……
Also wishing for a delicious blue drink….maybe a margarita or pretty cocktail tonight, maybe necessary after this week! 😛

Finally, wishing it were next Wednesday so I would be off to FitBloggin! SO excited to visit Baltimore meet my new blogger roomies and see some old blends!! 😀
Loving new work clothes! Top: F21, pants: H & M ! 😀
Loving that it is the weekend meaning my weekend faves: Farmer’s Market, etc!!

Loving this local Groupon, $6 for $12 worth of gluten-free, vegan bakery goods! Also loving that I subscribe to my sisters’ city Groupons and bought them each one this week – cupcakes for my sister who just finished finals and 2 movie passes for my sister who was just saying she and her bf never get alone time since they are both freshmen living in dorms…. Love spreading the love! ❤

Loving this photo I oh-so sneakily snapped the other night walking down the street in the Greek system – this guy had two girls holding him upright to walk home….rough night?!
Well, that may have been more than five fun things 🙂 Hope you are all having Fab Fridays! Question Time!
1. Any other Groupon lovers out there?! I know where you are hiding ;)…..
2. What are you up to this weekend? Are you out of school for the summer (if you go)? I still have another month almost!
Before I forget…..
     *Majahhh congrats to Gabriela for graduating this week! –
     *and to Ada for completing a crazybusy academic year
     *Congrats on bringing Babycakes into the world, Katie!!!!!!!
     *congrats on the big move, Emily!! Welcome to Seattle!
     *Enter Julie’s giveaway!

Would you Believe me…

Would you believe me…………….

If I told you I hopped on a plane and spent last weekend in New York City??!!!

Last time I was there was last fall – with the Fitnessista and Gabriela!Would you believe that I flew 3,000 + miles to spend only two days in the city?

But, I got to see my sister, who i saw last month in Vegas! I took her & my friend and his friend to lunch at The Coffee Shop, a cute hipster esque eatery in Union Square.

Bathroom, mirror shot!

Seeing Morgan and being able to take her out to lunch Saturday was definitely a highlight of the trip. I love my sister!

Would you believe that even though it was supposed to be rainy all weekend, New York City saw some of the best weather they have seen in months (because I was there, obv 😉 )

So, I spent some time walking and shopping in union square, my favorite

And came across a street fair, sampling delicious eats,

While in Union Square, would you believe that I ran into Marina?! I had never actually met her in person – only through blogging – so it was a crazysmallworld moment when I recognized her!

Would you believe that Saturday night, we went to a 12+ person birthday party at this place called the Hurricane Club, where they roasted an entire pig (didn’t partake) and served fancy tiki mixed drinks out of goblets and watermelon, a straw for each person and just let you fire away?!

You better believe that probably wasn’t the best idea for a vegetarian at a pig roast 😉

"To share" Brazilian Rum, Passion Fruit and Ginger


Blurriness intended 😉

Would you believe that I, Jaclyn, who never, ever loses her cell phone, left it in the back of a NYC cab Saturday night and spent the next morning filing a “missing item” report for $24.95 thankyouverymuch online to retrieve it??! Yeah, I can’t either……..

No thanks to you, Tiki drink!!,

It was still a fun night though. After the dinner, I stuck to water for the rest of the night, but the party continued as an after party for the birthday boy, then a few more bars before culminating on the roof of my friend’s apartment. It was a late night early morning!

Other than my lost phone and lost hours of sleep this weekend, it was such an amazingly fun and random trip, and I definitely don’t regret it a bit 🙂 I love, love travel, it is actually something I want to make time, effort and money toward pursuing, so I was happy to oblige that goal with this lil trip. 😀

I only wish I had a few more days there. I love. New. York. City.


What did you do last weekend?

What’s the furthest you’ve flown for the shortest amount of time?

Ever recognized a blogger or reader  on the street/ in a store / somewhere random?!


Vegas, continued!

Wow, this post is LONG OVERDUE, but on account of finals, and now being on spring break I haven’t had a free moment, so here is the rest of my Vegas recap!

Continuing with where we left off…After Friday night, Saturday we looked around, hung by the pool, visited some more resorts. We had a mini ‘World Tour’ during our vegas weekend taking us places like Venice, Paris, Egypt, New York City, etc, etc…

Saturday night, after exploring the shops beneath the Venetian, we headed to Tao, where the plan was to just get a drink, then dinner somewhere else. We had reservations for Mystere, a Cir du Soleil show that night, and ended up running out of time, so we had dinner there too. Let me just say, holy amazing: Tao is top ten  five probably my favorite place I have eaten/drank/been at of all time. The decor was very Far Eastern influenced, with tons of Buddahs, dark colors, Zen gardens, fountains, statues, etc. It was beautiful, lovely and the sushi menu was amazing as well: we got two rolls, some tempura and aps and shared everything. Oh, and I can’t forget that ahmazing Tiger Lily cocktail I got…

Mystere was amazing too 🙂 Very random and didn’t exactly make sense in terms of a ‘show’ but the acrobatic/dance talent was certainly apparent and it was definitely intriguing and entertaining.

Later that night *after some Ventian yoga – notice how I didn’t fall in the fountain!* we went back to TAO.  Dane Cook was hosting for his birthday that night, which we had all managed to get free tickets for. Let me just say if I thought Tao was amazing as a restaurant/lounge, it certainly did not disappoint as a nightclub 🙂 (oh, and I may have met someone ;))

The night ended late early due to Daylight Savings, and Sunday morning came fast. All of a sudden it was time to say “Goodbye” to my sister, sending her on her way..

Thanks to the power of social media, Facebook informed my cousin, who was visting Vegas for the weekend with her boyfriend, from Florida, that I would be in town. We were able to meet up quickly for brunch Sunday before hopping on our plane home.

Such a truly amazing and memorable weekend with my mom and sister. My Mom did a great job of making me feel completely spoiled in celebrating my 21st Birthday. From the dinners, to the drinks, to flying my sister out (!!), to first class on the way home,

Without doubt, the best trip/memory of 2011!!

What has been your best memory or trip of the year so far?!

[regular blogging will now resume! :D]



<3, Jac

Wild Ginger.

Keeping up with the celebratory / Birthday theme, Friday night my parents celebrated with me by taking me shopping then to a fun Birthday dinner at Wild Ginger, one of my favorite Seattle restaurants. The restaurant is Pan-Asian and definitely vegetarian friendly. Check out their menu! I have gone before for Birthdays (my Mom’s at the end of my Fourth of July weekend!) and it never disapoints!

Anyway, we got there for our reservation and I knew I wanted to order a fancy schmancy birthday drink…..

..and without even ordering it, the waitress placed THIS down!


Lychee Martini - Free Birthday drink, hollah!!!



  Wild Ginger is known for their starters, so we each ordered one to share. I chose the asparagus wrapped shrimp which came with a dipping sauce, lettuce wraps and herbs… it was amazing!

Shrimp wrapped asparagus appitizer shared 🙂


For my main meal, I couldn’t decide! The waitress suggested two things, after seeing me pursue the vegetarian menu: she thought I would like the Buddah’s curry Bowl and the Tofu and Eggplant, so ordered me a half order of each. I also tried bites of my mom’s eggplant and bok choy and a bite of these rice balls that came with her lamb, which were also delicious. Look at all this food! Definite leftovers 😀

Dark picture. But delicious spread. Didn't seem to capture most of it! :/

The waitress also brought out free dessert (x3, one for each of us — chocolate for me, naturally 😉 ) !!!!!

 A great night with my parents! So fun to be treated to another fancy birthday dinner!

Oh, and Birthday Santa totally delivered!!

What’s your favorite way to celebrate your birthday — any traditions? Who do you celebrate with?

Vancouver: Recap Part 2!!

Hey guys!! How’s your Tuesday going?!

Only two more days till my birthday!!!!!! That’s right, the big 2-1 on Thursday!!!
I’m hoping to feel better by then though because currently I am not feeling so hot: sore and scratchy throat, runny nose, headaches and all……


But, back to the second part of my recap!! When I had just left off,  I told you about the dress I wore to dinner,

I chose option B!

Dinner was at Milestone’s Bar and Grille in Vancouver. There were about sixty of us total, dates included and the menu was prix fixe. My date and I shared some amazing coconut prawns in a sweet chili sauce, I chose the spring salad with candied pecans, goat cheese and strawberries and then the meal finished with apple crisp with vanilla ice cream! Oh, and there may have been some of this as well!…

Blue ❤

I have a weird affinity for blue drinks 😀


On the walk back from dinner (it had cleared up a lot by that time!) we stopped by a legendary place…….the original Lululemon!!!!!!!!

Did you know it started in Vancouver??!

We headed back to the hotel and later, out to a club where we were guest listed. It was the one-year anniversary of last year’s Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver this weekend, so the whole street was blocked off and everything was a party… I heard people out until probably 4 or 5 in the morning!! Suffice it to say, I had a really good time 😉



The next morning came too soon and too early and soon it was time to head home 😦 I had a great weekend though, SO glad I went. I We all need more spontaneous “why not go to Canada this weekend” trips, don’t you agree? Sometimes you just have to say screw the workout / plans / stuff I have to do this weekend and do something fun, something needed for you (or me) 😉

What’s the last totally spontaneous thing you have done… how did it turn out – good OR bad?!