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{Lychee Margarita} Memorial Day Weekend Recap!

After I left you Saturday, the day was was full of some of my usual Saturday activities.

Later that afternoon, I headed to the island. This weekend marks my parent’s 27th wedding anniversary and they had dinner reservations here on Bainbridge – and wanted me to join them. I happily tagged along. I had been to Four Swallows before, but never in my drinking age, so it was a more fun experience.

The outfit du jour:

White crop jeans - Khols, black tank - Express, jean jacket and black belt- Forever 21, gold flats - Nordstrom - with a side of WA state ferries in the background :P.

Dinner was great, featuring pouring red wine and grilled prawns — some of my favorites 🙂


Sunday we attended a housewarming party on the island. My parent’s collegue has lived here for a few months now but just had everyone she works with over to see her place. She lives in an adorable little house pretty close to the water, with some really unique middle and far-Eastern decorations, lots of light and very “Crate and Barrel”-esque furniture. Seeing decorated houses like that makes me excited to have my own!

The party included “work” for the guests. We were instructed to use these watercolors she had put out to make a “favorite thing about Bainbridge” painting, which she is going to put together with the rest, into a big piece.

I left early in the afternoon to head back to the city. My friend and I had plans to hit up Happy Hour and then go to Folklife, a Seattle music festival going on every Memorial Day weekend.  We walked through the festival for a while but decided it was too cold/too many people……so instead  headed to a thai restaurant for that ‘happiest of‘ hour.

I ordered a Lychee margarita while she went with a chambord lemon drop. I figured when in Rome Thailand, order something lychee… but honestly, it wasn’t really my favorite. Oh well, I will know next time! We had an interesting bar conversation with a (much older) couple sitting next to us… and overall a fun time out last night!

Lychee Margarita.

Sweet lemon drop with chambord.

…And because sometimes all you really need with drinks like this is to share a big tower of fried thai food….. 

Calamari, spring rolls and crab rangoon, coconut prawns.

We got back to her house later, continued the party hanging out and crashed out. This morning I got home, and have to get ready to go babysit in a few minutes for a little girl I have been watching for over a year now. Not really a “day off”, but it should be fun, and make me some extra ca$h money!


What are your memorial day plans??

Have you ever tried / do you like lychee? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve had in your drink?  


Ps: Have you entered my giveaway yet?! Have you entered Katie’s giveaway?! Another Ps – I did get to see this face yesterday 😉 


You Win Some, Lose a Few

There were a few fails last night.

New Year’s Eve had promises of being a good evening, thanks to kicking it off with dinner with my best sushi friend at our famous spot...

We had to have one last good meal to soak up the alcohol we were about to consume leave 2010 with a last hurrah, right?

The sushi delivered,  the parking ticket I got *for the first time ever, and we go here all the time!* sitting on my dash board when I got back to my car after dinner, did not. NYE Fail #1.

Sushi Land bathroom - HA

After hearing one of the parties we were planning on attending was cancelled, *NYE Fail #2*, we were still in positive spirits. We went back to my friends house and made some cocktails while getting ready,

Mixed Coffee Dranks 🙂

Not a fail, those were good. And… kept us up!

Another un-fail was my outfit.

New dress and new heels to ring in the New Year 😉

We hit up party #2, which was fun, at the house where I lived this summer. It was great seeing people I haven’t seen in a while and catching up. Ringing in the New Year with friends is the way to go 🙂

However, Fail #3 happened. As you know, I have terrible luck with my car,

Funny Story to go along with that cookie....but this note turned into a mini nightmare..

My keys disappeared last night. Luckily my sister didn’t end up having to come save me – they were found – but it is still kind of unclear whether they were taken by someone or *misplaced*. As they were in my coat pocket, I’m kind of leaning toward the former. Blood, sweat and A few tears, lots of searching and some phone calls later (received after a 2:30 am walk back to my friends appartment in the cold) they were *found* and this morning I went back to the house to try and find the guy, which was another long search.. Anyway, at least I got my car back and it didn’t get stolen or towed.

[ P.S.: I was not drinking and driving, just trying to ensure that my car was safe overnight!! ]

Anyway, I didn’t sleep well last night due to that stress & the coffee, I think –but really, who sleeps well after NYE?!– so right now I am laying in bed, watching the Food Network and just taking it easy today.

How was your New Year’s Eve? Any funny horror stories?!

Plans for the first day of 2011?? Recovering? 😉

My Last Weekend of Freedom.

Last weekend was certainly a “last hurrah” of the summer, of sorts. It included highlights of some of my favorite things: (I am so predictable ;P)


After working a lot last week (put in extra hours so I could work less this week, the first week of school), I was more than ready to relax. Too bad I got sick but regardless, the Puyallup Fair, a Harvest fair, hanging out with new friends, old friends, going home to see family, trail riding Gaston, going to the Farmer’s market, and of course, that amazing dinner, wine, and beach bonfire…. it was quite the summer-ending weekend!

The Harvest Fair…
A locally grown zucchini, they had a zucchini growing competition, weighed in at fifteen plus pounds and totally made me think of GC– she would have loved this!

Farmer’s Market..

Farmer's Market.

Do the Puyallup. (<–The first fair I went to!)

Ahhhhhhhh, summer, I miss thee already!

Today was the first day of classes (can’t believe some of you have been in for over a month!) which meant I was up early to stalk the registration and professors try and get in to closed/full classes. So far, so good.. I woke up with zero classes and now have two — just waiting on one more and it’s looking good.. glass half two thirds full!

Tomorrow I actually don’t have class but I do have a ton of reading to do, not to mention I don’t have my books yet! So that will be on the to do list, along with a morning or mid day hot yoga class *have I mentioned I’m liking my schedule?!* and babysitting tomorrow night.

Well, night bloggies, I’m tiredddd!!!!!

What’s your best/worst horror story of college registration? I feel like almost every quarter here, I’ve had to add classes last-minute because the ones i’ve wanted have been full! It always does seem to have a way of working out though!


DO you still babysit? Even though I’m “old” and have a “real” job, I love doing random babysitting jobs.. When this lady called me the other day to ask if I was free, I jumped at the offer– I love the *occasional* babysitting job, and kind of miss it from high school!

I took this picture this weekend, on the way to the market, it was such a gorgeous FALL day!!

Back, Bites, Bid Day.

After taking a mini hiatus, I came back to the sorority Wednesday night. I’ve been meaning to blog pretty much every day, but we’ve been going pretty much non stop every day!

Busy days means pre-made sorority food.. some good, some not so good. Lots of sugar and caffeine this week that’s for sure! Including some delicious mini cakes we had specially made for our Preference ceremonies yesterday, vanilla, raspberry filled cakes with a lemon marscapone topping. <–YUM

Mini pref cake.

Yesterday, I, along with some other girls worked very hard “behind the scenes” setting everything up and serving. In between there was some *refueling* going on…

What you don't see: in the middle of that group, total cake domination! 😀

On another sorority/recruitment related note, remember those 200 lemons I had to buy to cut up and put into drinks?


When I got back, I noticed that more than half of them had gotten moldy and fuzzy and been thrown away!

In addition to cake,

I have been enjoying some seriously yum snackz!

>  Enter TJ’s finds!!

-Freeze dried mango

-Pretzel Slims

-almond butter (gifted to me by my roommate this summer when she left to go study abroad) to “dip”, Tofutti remnants mixed with homemade blackberry ginger jam!

Other snackables include copious amounts of this:

x a bunch!!!!!!

My name is Jaclyn and I am addicted to Whole Food’s chocolate peanut butter trail mix!


No nut butter left behind!!!!


Fall= pumpkin spice coffee with a side of sidewalk leaves!

Homemade peach bread pudding muffins!

Kale chips, love!! Can't find this brand anymore though!

I think I got jipped on this bag though, that's all there was when I opened it! 😛

After cake, cookies, trail mix, snacks (etc..), I needed some veg in my life! Mixed herb salad topped with steamed veg, spicy eggwhite salad from TJs, humus and goat cheese--most of the toppings, eaten already! ;P

What snacks are you lovin these days? I pretty much like all things crunchy, nut buttery and that I can dip! 😉 Oh, and let’s not get started about my Trail mix addictions! 😛

What have you been up to this weekend?! College football? Parties? School? I wanna hear it!!

Today, we had some time off so I ran some errands including a trip to Target, where they were giving out goodie bags to promote that they are now selling fresh produce!

❤ Freebies!

Tomorrow is a big day: Bid Day!! We will find out who our new members are and have them all move into the house. I may also meet up with my parents and little sister tomorrow night for dinner– she is leaving Wednesday for school and since I missed a family trip this weekend due to sorority recruitment, I’m trying to squeeze in as much face time as possible before she leaves! *cough we skyped for almost an hour tonight :)*

Need to get to sleep! 8 am wakeup call!


Stay tuned, I have a great recipe comin at ya in my next post!!!! 😀

PS, I found 20 dollars on the floor in Whole Foods today!

Move out > Move in!

On, and on and on and onnnnnnnnn!!

Helloooooooooo there! 😀

Ah bloggies, it has been too TOO wayyyyy too long!!! I have been so crazy busy in the land of moving out of the fraternity where I lived this summer —> home for a few days —> moving in to the sorority, where I am currently in the middle of workweek. Sorority recruitment starts on Sunday, and on top of it all, I have been working too. The end of next week, I’ll be able to catch my breath!!

But until then, know that I’m still reading and *trying to* comment! Blog reading among other things, is keeping me sane. 😛

Also keeping me going?! Return of the Pumpkin Spice at Sbux!!!!Holler!!!!

Go big or go home, baby!!

We have a few hours of free time this afternoon.. I’m going to get pedicures with some of the girls, but we have seriously been scheduled all day long (and into the night!) so while I would love to post again tonight/tomorrow, not sure if/when that’ll happen!

Have any of you been through sorority workweek/recruitment? It’s my second year on this side!

Also…. My little sister is starting college in two weeks, she’ll be moving out of state. I was talking to my mom on the phone today, walking down the street, thinking about it… I burst. out. crying. Thing is, I’m not really that emotional, but thinking about “losing” her to another state, hours away, makes me sad like woahhh. Anyone relate to this, a sibling/friend leaving for college?! :/ I know she’ll love it, just an adjustment!

What’s new in all of your lives, how was your first week of school, if you’ve started?! Have you tried/had Pumpkin Spice yet this year?! Jump on it!!!!!!

Moose Drool.

I’m not talking beer here, I’m talking real, live, raw drool. On my car. At a drive-thru animal farm.

Okay, I may mean 'yak' drool, but that's not as catchy, no?

Last weekend my family had a little impromptu family vacation overnight in a small town about an hour and a half from us. Family vacations don’t always scream fun… except this one was 😉

We did a lot of cool things, including the animal farm. I usually protest zoos and animal farms because of the way they make the animals habitat in small, 6 x 6, unnatural boxes, but this one seemed more humane since the animals could roam freely… it was the cars at risk *um yes, my car got buffalo-rammed haha*

Friday  night we got checked into our hotel and started with dinner here,

Me and Morgan

Two words: Ho-ly yum. Everything was made from fresh, local and organic produce, the chefs definitely kept the diner’s needs in mind *subbed goat cheese for blue on a flatbread we shared* and everything tasted amazing. I got some seriously delicious roasted local veggies, in addition to a summer blueberry, hazelnut goat cheese crostini salad, the shared flatbread and oyster appetizer, and many, many bites of my families selections–salmon, mussels, vegetable polenta lasagna.. We decided though, that the best part of the meal was the warm bread basket that was literally right out of the oven, full of roasted peppers and garlic, with the white bean humus dip. We demolished it in about .5 seconds…and got more 😉

After dinner we took a little drive to the water to capture this year’s “christmas card” enjoy the sunset.

Yes, perhaps fueled by a little wine, but laughing with my sisters, just acting crazy that night was one of my favorite parts of the trip. The views at the beach were breathtaking, you definitely don’t see this too often!

Next morning, we woke up to venture to the local Farmer’s Market. You know Farmer’s Markets are my favorite, and I always like to explore new ones, in new towns,  so I was excited to check this one out! There was a lot less produce and food items than I would have imagined, but a lot more art! We got mini key chains as well as some ahhhhmazing barbecue sauce and chipolte salsa.

Farmers Market.

Save a Dolphin, eat a tuna... Save a chicken, eat a salmon" 😉

Other events of the day included a forest/beach hike…

Found a fort on the beach, had to inspect!

…Said animal park…

Yaks like bread..

…but not as much as buffalo,

Suddenly we were in the middle of a heard of buffalo, with big, sharp horns. My car got rammed. My window went up.. ;P

It was so much fun seeing all the animals, getting the courage up that they wouldn’t bite my hand off to feed them bread out the window, seeing animals that close–their size and demeanors–not something you get the chance to see!

As I mentioned, my car was drool-covered and dirt-covered when we left. It looked like we had just left a war zone, wish I had a picture!

All that bread feeding made us hungry, so we stopped at a local organic food stand to pick up some fresh produce to add to our picnic lunch, Nash’s.

Nash's Organic Food Stand

Look at all that local, organic produce!

Later we stopped at a lavender farm,

Lavender Farm

Lavender everything store.

Saturday night wrapped with a dinner at my grandparents house, where the wining and dining family time continued.

Our “family day” was so nice, because with all of our crazy schedules; work, school, friends, commitments, we really don’t get a chance to hang out together that much anymore. It was nice to spend time, but I also really liked the things we did, especially the animal farm and dinner Friday night! We definitely have  a lot of laughable moments from this trip, too ;D

Questions: Have you ever been to a drive-through animal farm, and what are your thoughts about the treatment of the animals, in comparison to zoos or other types of animal farms? Do you like family vacations? Best/worst family vacation stories, apply here!! 😉

Sunday in the City.

On my last Sunday in Chicago, I had the opportunity to spend some time walking around, exploring, actually taking in the city. My flight out wasn’t until late, so after a morning group walk,

Group shot!

…and a bfast held by Thomas Sandwich thins,

*My blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, almond, brown sugar, honey, mint, salt cream cheese creation!*

…I packed up my weekend’s worth of never ending swag suitcase, said my goodbyes and ventured to find some fun in Chicago.

First stop was Core Power yoga, which Kath had previously been to. The class was awesome—a fusion of Bikram-style poses and power vinyasa style flow, in a heated room. If you are ever in Chicago, stop in and take a class from Piper! I’ve always wanted to try yoga studios in different cities, and this one did not disappoint!

Studio was gorgeous too and had amazing views of the city!

Imagine my surprise delight when I passed this gem on the way back…

Of course I had to stop in for lunch!! And to pick up this amazing vegan cookie for the plane home!

FACE cookie, this picture doesn't do it justice! 😉

Another one of my quirks unique thing about me is that I have always had this fascination with real estate, and when I passed this sign on the street advertising a corner apartment for sale, I just had to go up and check it out.. Um, because my *fiance* and I are shortly moving to Chicago, and in the market for a new corner apartment and all… 😉

Also came across the Transformers set on my walk home…

It was sad to say good-bye to the city but I had such a fabulous time. Meeting everyone, attending the conference, eating some delicious food, going out, trying my first Zumba class… an all-around amazing trip. Already planning my escape comeback to be a part of next years Healthy Living Summit… and also looking forward to many upcoming bloggie meet ups!

What’s one thing you always like to *find* in new cities?—yoga studios and a Whole Foods, that pretty much covers my bases! 😉

Have you been to Chicago? Favorite/least favorite thing about the city? I liked the friendliness of the people and the fact that it had a big, accessible bay to walk or run, but didn’t like that so many things were closed on Sunday!