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Friday Fave Fives, Hello Memorial Day Weekend!

Ahhhhhh, it’s been a crazybusy week (aren’t they all these days?) but it is Friday which means one thing….

Yayyyyyyyyy Weekend!! 😛



Crazy to think just one week ago (well, last Thursday night), I was chillin’ in my (upgraded to Hospitality suite) hotel room, waiting for Fitbloggin to kickoff…

Well this Friday had a bit of a different feel…

I may not have been in Baltimore, and I may have only gotten a few hours of sleep after staying out too late and waking up too early; read: why I don’t go out during the week, but I did have some Friday faves’ today!

1. I’m bringing sexy cereal back….. I am a cereal monster, nothing helps a hangover better I think! ;P2. Mixing and matching wardrobe staples. And, my new jean jacket!

Black tights: DKNY for Nordstrom, skirt: Express, jean jacket: Forever 21, (unpictured) black flats: Jessica Simpson for Nordstrom.

3. Eating this {Monster} cookie at work today. It is cookie Friday after all. Okay, maybe a giant cookie helps that hangover better 😛

Chocolate chip walnut cookie. Done and done.

4. Whole Foods having a Friday night “happy hour bites“. Each Friday, the Whole Foods *which ohso conveniently happens to be on my drive home from work* hosts a tasting party of sorts, giving out a ton of gourmet food (and drink) samples in their store. It was like a free dinner tonight! Spicy shrimp, soup samples, grilled pineapple, watermelon, chocolate samples, hotdogs, maccaroni salad, sushi wraps…

Mango avacado wrap and an ahi tuna wrap sample.

There were so many samples tonight and I tried almost everything – I was full after!!

5. Today kicking off Memorial Day weekend –> No school or work Monday! Holler to that! Here’s to (my, and) your weekend being full of friends, family, good weather, horses and *insert your dog/cat here*, bbqs, good food, the farmer’s market, yoga, sushi, a drink or two and general shenanigans :)….

What are you looking forward to this weekend?!

Have you entered my Fitbloggin giveaway?! You only have until Monday!











FitBloggin Kickoff!

Wednesday night, after an early wakeup, bus, train, (~5 hour) flight and shuttle….

I made it to Baltimore! 

View of downtown from the hotel's pool balcony

Thursday was spent checking in (and meeting my new roomies!), exploring, shopping, hitting up Whole Foods and Yoga (!!) and exploring the city.

Registration and check in last night was a great chance to meet other the other bloggers and readers here this weekend. After a few hours of meet and greets, a few of us headed off to a late dinner at a local Irish Pub.

Not wanting the night to end, we followed dinner with drinks in the bar, naturally. 🙂

It was great meeting Matt, Jennifer, Amanda and seeing Sana again (we met at HLS in August) !

Three cheers for being young, unemployed Bloggers!!!! 😛

Today has been great — exercise classes (Kettlebell training and Zumba), more meeting and catching up with blog friends, lunch, cupcakes with blendz, an expo, giveaways, and…..

Much more to come!! Back to FitBloggin! 😀

You Only Turn 21 {Twice}…

Whewww, where have I been!?! 

I meant to post last Sunday night, and never hit publish.. and now it’s Sunday again! Anyway….. I have had a good week!

Cinco de Mayo Thursday night…

Purple dress Express, Leather fringe boots Steve Madden, necklace BP for Nordstrom

Peach Liz. My night changed course when I ran into an ex…and we ended up back at the bar.

(My second Paris orientation meeting) and A spring formal dance Friday night…

Yesterday morning started off with a hot yoga session, followed by the usuals:

Saturday University Farmer's Market.

Walking beat driving my car. Especially on the weekends.Walking beats driving my car. Especially on the weekends.

Mandatory weekend Whole Foods stop for coffee and some groceries.

And last night, my twin friends who turned 21 Monday had a birthday party at a cool lounge/bar downtown. Their Dad threw it for them and while it was a lot of his/their siblings friends, some of their friends came out too, it ended up being really fun! (and an open bar, holler Daddy S! : P ) You only turn 21 oncetwice. We went out dancing afterso needless to say it was a late night by the time my head finally hit the pillow at 3 am.

Me and one of the twins!

Today I went back to the Fremont Farmer’s Market that I first visited last weekend. It is an amazingly large flea-type market with more jewlery/clothing vendors than anything else.

Fremont Farmer's Market.

Yoga again tonight and then catching up with laundry/school/my sisters, etc and all of a sudden the weekend is over again, what happened? :/….

Oh well, on to the next!

What was the best thing you did / saw / ate this weekend ? For me it would have to be last night (all of last night), a ginger/raspberry drink I had, dancing/hanging out with friends!! So fun. And doesn’t seem to happen enough. My Mom is actually out of town, in Cancun this weekend, so I couldn’t spend Mother’s Day with her. I’m glad she and my Dad are having fun for their anniversary trip though, and I did get to see her Thursday morning, I took w a break from work to get coffee with them on their way to the airport!

On another note……

Okay, okay I know pretty much all bloggers are obsessed with peanut flour and have been using it like woahh for everything from peanut buttery uses to oats to ‘frosting’, to cookie dough, to mixing with frozen blueberries, to making peanut candy, etc. But, I have to say….I’ve tried it and just don’t really like it that much. I know; gasp! I actually think TJ’s Better n’ Peanut Butter is waaaaay better, and can’t seem to keep my hand outta the cookie jar finger out of the better ‘N jar. Anyone else out there with me on this?

So I ask you: Better 'N Peanut Butter > Peanut Flour?!

Night!! ❤

It’s The {Not So} Little Things.

The not so little things, like after a really long day/week of school, work, etc., coming home and seeing this waiting for you in the mail!………..

I was in the store last week and walked by this stand – they were doing a survey, collecting shoppers addresses to see which neighborhood they should open a new store.. Well, the woman behind the desk said they had four $100 gift cards to give away as incentives, that it would be mailed to my address if I won. I told her I live in a house with a hundred other people, so to get my name too. Low and behold…………

Holy Whole Foods!!!!!!!

I have some serious work to do :D!! (Last night I already started doing that by buying a bunch of fun bulk food bin finds to send to one sister and another mini gift card to send to the other, and this morning, continued with using it for my iced coffee !)

 What should I use this to buy?! Any Whole Foods finds I must try?!!!!
Have you ever won anything?! I was surprised – I never win anything!

Dinner From a (Little Green) Box.

Thank you, Whole Foods for providing me dinner from a box tonight, and a wholelottafree”appetizers”intheformoffreesamples this evening,

Let’s see….

Doesn’t look like much, but this salad contained: tofu, tuna, mixed greens and arugala, mixed toasted nuts, some spinach/pesto salad, broc, feta and a few dried cranberries, to which I added some more lettuce and mygirlsfavorite Annie’s Honey Mustard dressing  Yummmz!

Thank you W(holy) Foods!! 😀



Today, my Mom and I attended my sorority’s annual day, a lunch at a West Seattle seafood place, it was well attended, and a gorgeous day out!

backlight, boo!

Tonight has been……

Neighborhood Nutrition paper, email, studying, blog reading....

and because I was hungry snacky after my Whole Foods,

Ensalada refill, this time topped with a few walnuts and feta, edaname crackers and kamut puff *croutons*

with a side of Sushi cravings 😛


Okay, time for this study break to be over!! I am determined to finish my second paper tonight (for Persuasion class, on my group project presentation) because if I do I am *allowing* myself to go home and chill tomorrow / for the night.. I actually don’t have class Monday, and home is technically closer to work, so I will stay there, but I know I won’t get much done… SO TONIGHT BLOGGIES, I WILL FINISH!!!!!! YES, HELLLLLLLLO MOTIVATION :D!!
DO YOU SET GOALS/INCENTIVES FOR YOURSELF to get things done = some kind of reward?! For me, I want to finish most of my work tonight, then tomorrow –> yoga and home to my kitty and Cindy and maybe dinner out and a movie (!)



gotta get to it, !!

J$ 😉

On My Way Out…

…Of the Country, that is!!

On my drive home the other night, from work

Remember last month, when I went to Canada? Well, I’m going back this weekend!


Vancouver baby…here I come!!!!! 😀

This week has been lots of “all work and no play” in preparation, but that’s okay! I got a ton of stuff checked off the ol to-do, so I’m ready to go!

Some recent eats and happenins’…..



kamut puffs, pb puffs, oatmeal squares and freeze dried strawbs and mangos, snack at work...Dip a dip: TJ's eggplant humus and goat cream cheese mixed

Oranges at work



Kale Seaweed salad from WF, Mary's crackers, crisp crackers w/ dip!Dip a dip: TJ's eggplant humus and goat cream cheese mixed


Of course, room for random samples from Whole Foods 😉

Raw, "House of the Sun" vegan curry jalepeno crackers - so good w/ eggplant humus!!


I’m going up for a formal, which I have gone to once before, two years ago..

So that meant I had to shop for a dress, right?!

Guess which one I chose……

Option A


Option B


Guess you will just have to wait and see!!! 😉


Okay guys, I’m off to work, but coming up:

-my thirty day challenge recap


-Canada Shenanigans!


Take care and Happy Friday!!!!


❤ Jac!


Ever been to Vancouver?! And / or a fraternity /college trip?!
Which dress do you like better?


Plans for the weekend?!!!!!!!!